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10 Moving Tips For A Seamless Transport

Starting Off

For some, it can be one of life’s most bittersweet events, but for others, it’s an exciting start of a new chapter about to begin. No matter the circumstance, moving into a new home can be very stressful, and at Express Haulers, we know there’s a lot on your plate during this time. If you’ve been trying to figure out where to begin in the process, we’re here to help. Before you get carried away with everything that has to be completed, we’ve compiled a list of moving tips that will guarantee you a smooth transition. While we take professional care of our client’s belongings from the beginning of the transport right up to the end, these useful tips will guide you towards a successful move.


1.Create a Game Plan

A big change can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a big mess every step of the way. The key to a successful move is creating a system to put in place. Before you get ahead of yourself, schedule a time to comb through your belongings and figure out a solid game plan.

2.Sort, Confirm and Repeat

Sort your items accordingly before you start bringing out the boxes. This can look like making a list categorized by room or creating a trash and donation piled stationed in your home throughout the move. Once you have a better sense of what’s being packed, it’s easier to think of the next steps.  Don’t waste your time on items that aren’t part of the plan. Save that energy for other informed decisions that will need your undivided attention.

3.Choose your Foundation for Boxes

While some like deep cardboard boxes for their big move, others may prefer clear rectangular bins for packing. If you want to stay organized and keep a record for later, it’s easier when you’ve already decided how you will be storing items.


4.Gather your Packing Supplies 

Although you may seem like a lot of materials, you won’t ever regret that extra purchase of bubble wrap when it’s time to get on the road. Depending on the type of items being stored away, you may want to invest in various moving accessories that make packing a breeze. If you want to ensure best packing practices for grandmother’s fine china, added protection will be worth it when you open it up safe and sound in your new home. For those who are looking to save some money in the process, wrap your precious breakables in thick blankets and clothing as a free alternative to bubble wrap.


5.Double Up the Labeling

It’s never fun after a long day of moving to then be blindsided by a ton of boxes without any guidance on where they belong. Make it easy for everyone by not only labeling what’s on the inside but also naming the room where it should be unpacked. This step also provides the opportunity to number your boxes for your personal inventory list. While it may feel impossible to organize your thoughts before a move, you’ll be so thankful that you did.

6.Use What You Already Own

Think about the amount of square-shaped carriers you already have with you. Household items such as hampers, suitcases, and miscellaneous cubes are perfect for storing some of your clothes or toiletries. By using what you already have, you’ll save money on transport materials as well as save space in the truck for heftier pieces of furniture.

7.Stay Organized When Taking Items Apart

When the time comes to start breaking down furniture for transport, it’s especially important to keep your eyes on smaller parts. Use a baggie to hold bolts and screws for a seamless build when you arrive at your destination. If you’re afraid of brain fog getting the best of you, take a picture of the item before you take it apart, so you know how it looked before. For some pieces, depending on the store you purchased the furniture from, there may be an instructional guide on their website that can be downloaded.

8.Schedule Shut Offs and Location Changes

Avoid the possibility of paying more bills than you have to and call your cable, internet, gas, and electricity companies to inform them of your move. Make sure you leave enough time for them to either cancel your existing account or switch over your address. This is also a great time to gather items that need to be returned, such as cable boxes, remotes, and other loaned materials. 

9.Pack Decorative Items Early

As hard as you’ve hunted for the right décor items to design your space, they should be packed with special care. Depending on the shape and size of the décor, you’re going to want more time to figure out the best process for packing. Especially if they weigh heavier and are fragile, you’ll need to create proper cushioning. The missing spaces on the walls are typically the first realization that you’re truly about to move. Embrace the journey and keep the momentum going in your next home.

10.Hire Professionals Using Express Haulers 

The overwhelming pressure during a move can be too much to handle, and it’s okay to hand it over to those who take pride in successful transports. From upfront and detailed estimates to moving your belongings and assembling furniture, Express Haulers provides a full-service experience. By prioritizing professionalism and active communication, you can find peace in your upcoming move and feel confident that your belongings will be packed, loaded, and delivered to your new home with quality care. Whether your destination is down the block or to a different state, when you schedule your move with Express Haulers, it’ll be the best decision you can make for your belon

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