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Long Distance Moving With Express Haulers

Express Haulers offers a seamless moving service from New Jersey and New York City to any other state. We can handle any type of move within the country no matter the distance.


Long Distance Moves to All Areas

Express Haulers is based in Clifton, New Jersey and we are a 30-minute drive from NYC. We cover North Jersey, Central Jersey, Jersey Shore and South Jersey. Express Haulers also covers all 5 boroughs of NYC which include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx. If you are moving within these areas its beneficial to choose us over other moving companies that are not located locally around your area. We can move you across states if you are located within these areas without a problem.

Stress-Free Moving Experience

Whether you are moving locally or long distance its important to choose the right moving company that you can trust. As mentioned, some moving companies can be unprofessional and unreliable. Eliminate the stress of having to worry if your belongings are going to be fine by choosing Express Haulers as your preferred moving company. Express Haulers always handles your belongings with the upmost care. We wrap your all your furniture and belongings unless otherwise mentioned and we make sure nothing gets damaged. Afterwards after everything is properly loaded into the truck we properly secure all your belongings until we get to the destination and are ready to unload.

Full Service Long Distance Moving Experience

Express Haulers can provide you with a full-service moving experience, meaning that you wouldn’t have to pack or move anything before your move. Express Haulers offers disassembling, reassembling, packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading of all your belongings. This is especially important when traveling long distance as everything needs to be well packed, protected and loaded to ensure a secure arrival of all the belongings. This type of service takes the physical and mental stress of having to move. As we all know moving can be a hard task, that’s why we are here to simplify your moving process from point a to point b.

Affordable Long Distance Moving Rates

Express Haulers knows that there are some moving companies that offer excessively high moving rates to customers that are trying to move long distance. There are also other moving companies that try to charge the customer more than the promised price or rate. Here at Express Haulers, we understand that it is important to keep a set price and be loyal and trustworthy towards our customers. Express Haulers offers affordable long distance moving rates to all customers.

Exceptional Long Distance Moving Experience Guaranteed

Our number one goal is to give our customers the absolute best moving experience. That’s why Express Haulers hires professional movers, offers a full-service moving experience and gives customers affordable rates.